Pork Meat Supplier

Wholesale / Bulk Sales Only

Minimum order quantity for each product is 1 box (20 – 25kg).

Minimum order weight for delivery is 500kg. Delivery in Gauteng only.

Pork Trotter

Our pig trotters are quite a remarkable cut. It’s important that you slow cook trotters for a long time, as this will ensure that the gelatine in the meat breaks down and releases the meat from the bone.

Once the meat begins to detach from the bone, the trotters are ready to be served. You can use the cooking liquid to make a delicious pork stock which can be added to soups and stews.

Fresh Pork Product
Trotters from lower front and back pork leg with rind.
May contain limited amounts of hair.
Bone in product.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg

Pork Cuts
Frozen meat should be kept at <-18°C.

Shelf Life
Production date plus six days if fresh (0-5°C). Production date plus one year if frozen (<-18°C).

Packing Requirements
Product is packed in 20-25kg boxes.

Storage Requirements
Fresh meat should be kept at 0-5°C.